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Welcome to the Grace Baptist Church ministries page. Our purpose at Grace Baptist Church manifests itself in a three-pronged approach to ministry:

    To promote reverent, God-centered worship of the sovereign, triune God who has revealed Himself in His word, the Bible,

    To build up of God's people in the truth of that Word, and

    To spread the glorious Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to our neighbors near and far who are yet outside of a saving relationship with Him.

    Accordingly, our corporate gatherings for worship emphasize preaching and teaching as God's appointed means of bringing people into His kingdom and furthering the work of His Church. We seek to instruct and equip those of every age to honor the Lord by a whole-hearted obedience to His revealed will and a practical, daily holiness in heart and conduct. 


Lord's Day Services

    Our Worship Services on the Lord's Day are both preaching services that have the same basic format.  We aim foremost to focus our attention on and bring glory to our sovereign, triune God.  We use great hymns of the faith, both ancient and modern.  Central to our services is the expositional, applicatory preaching of God's Word. 

    Nursery is provided for the little ones through age 2.  After that, we want our children to be with us in our services when we gather for worship.  See Walt Chantry's article, SMALL CHILDREN AT WORSHIP SERVICES - WHY ARE THEY PRESENT?

    We also plan evangelistic services during the Christmas and Easter seasons of the year to which we extend an invitation to our neighbors by means of a leaflet containing a brief Gospel message.


Mid-week Corporate Prayer Meeting

    We meet every Wednesday night at 7:00 PM.  After an opening hymn and a very brief devotion, we divide and spend the bulk of our time in prayer.

    Two times a year, in the spring and fall, we devote a Saturday morning from 9AM to Noon to a period of prayer and fasting.


Sunday School

    We have Sunday School classes for all ages. Nursery care is provided for the little ones through age 2.
    Adult Class


Men's Ministry

    GBC MEN'S FELLOWSHIP                     


Ladies' Ministry

    Ladies Prayer Meeting, 1PM every Friday

    LADIES' PRAYER AND MISSIONS GROUP, meets monthly to pray for, write letters and plan service projects to benefit the wives and families of missionaries.
    Each year the ladies enjoy a retreat together.  Here are pictures and information from PAST LADIES' RETREATS.

Young Adults' Ministry

    For ten years, from 2004 thru 2014, our young adults sponsored a Young Adultsˈ Retreat.  Here are pictures and information on the speakers and topics from the various retreats:



Youth Ministries

    Kids Club (grades 1-5) meets the 1st Friday of each month.
Please access the GBC Church Calendar on the sidebar for
scheduled dates.
Go to KID'S CLUB to learn more.

    GBC SENIOR YOUTH GROUP (grades 9-12) usually meets about once a month on a Friday or Saturday. Please access the GBC Church Calendar on the sidebar for scheduled dates.

    In the summers of 2013 and 2014 we conducted a week of Camp Grace, the themes of which were Knowing Christ and Faith in Action.  In 2015 and 2016 we held a one-day Grace Camp Picnic at the Isaac Walton Park, and for the past three years we expanded Camp Grace to two days and a picnic day. The theme of this year's event was Joseph: Depending on God in Dreams, Danger and Deliverance. Click on the following link to view a selection of pictures: GRACE CAMP  


Book table, tract and sermon audio ministry

    Resources are available weekly for purchase to help promote spiritual growth through solid reformed literature as well as to provide materials for evangelistic outreach.



    We maintain a well-stocked and high-quality library covering all branches of biblical and theological study and related practical disciplines.


Hospitality Luncheons

    Each Sunday visitors are warmly welcomed to share in a meal at the church provided by different families after the morning service.


Church-wide Fellowship Meals

    About six Sundays each year we schedule Church-wide Fellowship Meals after the morning service as a means of fostering mutual love and encouragement in a more informal setting.


Nursing Home Services

    At different times throughout the year we conduct worship services at two area nursing homes.


Former Russian Literature Ministry




    As a church we are members of ARBCA, the Association of Reformed Baptist Churches of America, an association of nearly 70 churches in North America and Canada, all of which subscribe to the London Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689. 

    The stated purpose of this Association is ״to advance Christ's kingdom by providing a fellowship in which churches of common confession may find  mutual encouragement, assistance, edification, and counsel, and may participate in cooperative efforts such as home missions, foreign missions, ministerial training and publications all of which are often beyond the scope of one local church.״

    Through this association we are able to be involved in larger mission endeavors, such as the training and sending of missionaries, then we could ever be able to undertake on our own.


Missions and Missionaries

    We contribute financial support to foreign missions and church planting efforts in the Philippines, the Middle East and the Far East, as well as in the U.S. in Naples, Florida.  In addition, we pray regularly for such efforts being undertaken by many other like-minded men in numerous other lands. We also remember in prayer the persecuted and suffering church and endeavor to give practical, financial help as we are able.

Community Outreach

    In early December 2013 and 2014 we conducted Neighborhood Christmas Banquets in place of our traditional Christmas Social.  The event has been well attended and we look forward to hosting a banquet again this year on December 5 at noon.  LEARN MORE ABOUT THE 2013 EVENT
    Providence Christian Academy


Community Organizations

    While our primary commitment is to the local church, we regularly pray for and contribute both financial and personnel resources to the following ministries in our community:

    Pregnancy Ministries, Incorporated 

    Bible Released Time - Teaching the Bible devotionally to public school students during school time but off school premises and with parental permission

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